New MLP bikini I designed, using a screenshot of the movie for the left boob image (guest appearance by Fizzy!) and a repainted picture of the front of an old MLP VHS tape for the front of the bottoms. The back was drawn by me as well as Sweet Stuff’s symbol on the right boob~ The quality came out so nice, it’s thick and silky and stretchy!

I just sent the design to someone in my family who makes these and they made it for me for free, so it’s one of a kind. <3

Sweet Stuff is from the classic 80’s series/toy line and is BEST PONY. I hate the upper-right picture, ugh. Just appreciate the adorableness of the pony tail on the back of the bikini. <3 I will likely wear a mildly transparent beach dress over it if I ever even get the courage to wear it out at all lol

…wow, I am a COMPLETE dolt… I only JUST realized that the boobs are switched. LOL. Should be easy enough to fix though! XD

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    That is.. absolutely adorable :D
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    These are awesome! ( also, not to make you uncomfortable or anything sorry if I do but wow you look fantastic modeling...
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    A mlp thing I definitely would wear :DD Awesome! The bottoms are so cute~
  9. lyenuv said: Are you kidding me? That upper right shot is beautiful <3 You have such a nice shape <3
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