Commissioned mask of my Killer Klowns From Outer Space character named Swizzle. The artist (grandfatherladyfriend on FA) did an incredible job, though it’s really claustrophobia-inducing…. very tight, hard to breathe, hard to see… it would be erotic if it weren’t so damn scary :P I can only wear it for a few minutes at a time before my face and neck begin to sweat. I’m hoping to have it altered somewhere down the line, but until then, I’ll enjoy using this as a display piece and for photos, and perhaps short, quick bursts of chasing people with it before I pass out :P

The neck piece has a little glue stain I’m hoping will come out. The neck also tends to flop out from under the neck piece a lot, as can be seen in the 14th picture above. I still love her, and the way she smells inside is unbelievable… like sugary sweets and plastic, it’s heavenly :) I just can’t get enough of how well this came out. Well worth the money and the wait. I am still anxiously awaiting her hands to be finished, they’re looking awesome so far :)

Now to get started on the rest of her outfit!! SPLEE/SLIME/ETC!! :)

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